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Create buzz for events and cals (groups of events) by adding photos, videos and information. Share private events with your friends using Facebook and Twitter, or post public events in the Subscription Center for all to see. Events will appear on your calendar so you can see what you're doing and when, and you can check what your friends have planned by visiting their calendars. Enjoy Calfix.


Below are the five most frequently asked questions. If these responses do not address your question, please fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.
What can I use Calfix for?
Calfix is a social calendar. That means that you use it to create and share events with your friends. You can use Facebook and Twitter to help share your events. Calfix also lets you add Calfix friends, and you can visit their calendars to see what they have planned.
What is a cal?
A cal is a group of events put together. A typical cal would be a tour from a band or singer. Creating one cal for the entire tour is far easier than creating a single event for each concert, and it allows members to put the entire tour on their calendar, even if they only plan to attend one or two of the concerts.
How can I sync Calfix with Facebook and Twitter if I didn't when I signed up?
Easy! Just click on 'Share with Twitter' or 'Share with Facebook' and it will prompt you to sign in.
How do I add people as a friend?
To add someone as a friend, just search for them in the search box. To find the person you are looking for, just scroll down. Once you find the person, just click 'Add as friend'. To help making finding your friends easier, people who have been to the same events as you will appear at the top.
Why do you ask for my phone number?
Your phone number is helpful so that if you have organized an event, and your friends want to attend but cannot reach you, they are able to call you. It is also helpful for when you both attend an event together and need to reach each other.

Calfix, as yet, has no plans to utilize your phone number directly. We will never call you, and never, ever, ever bill you.

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Calfix is excited to offer the first social calendaring application on the web. You can find local events near you, create an event for you and your friends, and with one click, let everyone know at what time to appear... and where!
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